Offline Sales

Large Format Retail

DIESL is an importer and national distributor for various telecom & electronic brands in modern trade/ Large Format Retail (LFR). It offers Pan India coverage, unparalleled standards, handles large volume of inventory and accuracy for integrated supply chain solutions, to support their business in the organized trade.

Products Offered by DIESL :

  • Smart Phones
  • Feature Phones
  • Tablets
  • Accessories
  • Television (LED & Smart TVs)

General Trade

With General Trade distribution, DIESL has built its capability to reach out to city distributors as well as to the smallest retailers of retail marketplace.  Today we cater to more than 5000 retailers of western region.

Service Offered to Brand: :

  • Territory Covered – Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
  • Dedicated Sales force to monitor and push sales and marketing
  • End to end Forward and reverse logistics
  • Multi location billing and payment collection

Benefits offered to LFR & General Trade Customers :

  • Tie up with new telecom and electronic brands leading to more store walk-ins
  • End to end business support starting from material procurement to sales
  • Support of DIESL’s established 3PL set up leading to speed to market and faster order fulfillment
  • Fast and reliable network for on time delivery of consignment
  • Experienced and dedicated resource support
  • Consistent service delivery with pre-negotiated pricing